About Us 

Responsibly sourced 

Based in the Essex countryside all Game and Venison is locally shot. Peters passion for the countryside ensures that all stocks are managed carefully, maintaining natures balance. Only local Essex fallow deer are used as the source 
of our venison. 

The UK's premier supplier 

Supplying local restaurants, butchers and farmers markets has established Howletts Hall as one of the top suppliers of Wild Game and Venison in the area. Peter is fully involved in all aspects of the business from managing stocks, the actual harvesting and collection of Wild Game & Venison to the butchery & preparation of the meat. This ensures that only high quality meat leaves the estate. 

Only the highest quality 

Peter promises, “I will not supply you with any meat I would not eat myself and we can supply any locally sourced game which will in some cases have been shot by me including venison, hare, rabbit, grouse, partridge, duck etc. As a major supplier to restaurants and hotels over the past 15 years we pride ourselves in quality game and are extremely selective over the products we sell" 
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